Eager Smile Africa has been able to provide sponsorship to children of different levels in education.



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Nakafeero Lydia
11 years Class Primary 2

Kimera Ivan
10 years Class Primary 3

Nakafeero Lydia
11 years Class Primary 2

Jjuuko Martin
7 years Class Primary 2

Kiggundu Robert
14 years Technical

Nantongo Prossy
13 years Class Primary 6

Nantongo Sylivia
7 years Class Primary 1

Tamale Julius
13 years Class Primary 6

Sekitoleko Brain
5 years Class Baby Class

Namugerwa Riteh
4 years Baby Class 

Najjuko Christine
 years Class Primary 2

Some of the children we support

We support and contribute to the education of the children from families that may not be able to support them. In addition we provided for there educational needs and also follow up their performance in the school we choose for them or those of their chooses.  

One of the boreholes Built

Clean water is a major challenge for many rural, 
Eager Smile Africa has constructed boreholes to some communities to provide them with clean and safe drinking water.