At Eager Smile Africa we have achieved a number of tasks with little finance . We have managed to contribute to the following;


We have provided, School fees and scholastic materials to Orphans and children whose parents cannot afford to take their children to school. Our focus has been provision of pens, books, pencils, pens, shoes and uniforms to orphans other vulnerable children.

Our support in the education sector extends to all levels of education and we take pride in many of our beneficiaries who have graduated in higher institutions of learning through our education program.

“ Eager Smile Africa enabled me graduate through their sponsorship program, I was helpless when I lost my parents but Eager smile paid my school fees from S.4 to University.” Said a beneficiary



I lost my father in 2000 where I, my mother and sibling’s journey of suffering began.

Through the hurdle of life, my mother from her savings of domestic pig rearing was able to start a bar selling Malwa, waragi and beers in a remote village known as Ssekanyonyi in Mityana District from that she was able to raise some little money to feed the family and provide school fees for her three(3) children.

Eight (9) years later in January 2008, my mother passed on and left us in the hands of her sister who lived in the slums of Nakawa quarters by then; this lady was going through a tough time of mourning for the death of her sister, thinking of how to handle, to raising of three children on top of her 5 children her husband had left her with one year before. With her limited income.
As a Senior Four (S.4) candidate at the time, to me life seemed too hard and had come to an end but Praise be to the Name of the Lord, a miracle happened. A miracle called EAGER SMILE that came to my rescue and brought a SMILE TO MY FACE.’’EAGER SMILE is a true family where love and care is found, especially to the disadvantaged children and youth. A place where joy and hope are restored’’. My Life totally changed because EAGER SMILE pledged to provide for my tuition from that time until when I graduated in 2016 from Kyambogo University with Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and Management.
After graduation, it was a hard search for me to get a job but EAGER SMILE realized this and connected me to Cornerstone Surgery to earn a living and from that was able to get a job at New Life Baptist Church as an Administrator currently.
EAGER SMILE needs supporters like you and I to spiritually pray, financially give towards seeing that it continues to grow to help those with stories like Beniter’s, etc. Extent its arm to supporting the school drop outs who could do professional skills like Carpentry, hair dressing, and hand crafts. Together we can support EAGER SMILE to stand strong financially. Thank you

“Providing Education support  to needy and orphaned children up to tertiary.”


With our health programs, we have linked many patients in our communities to our partner medical centres.

The photos below are for a lady who had been bed ridden with a chronic disease for over a year. She was admitted in hospital with small gut perforations caused by Typhoid.  We assisted her by contributing over 70% of the medical expenses that included surgery and hospitalization. Currently, the patient is fully recovered through our health program.

Through our health partnerships, we have supported girls with mental disabilities, reproductive imbalances, and many of them are fully recovered.

Our partners that include clinics, dispensaries, medical centers provide treatment to our beneficiaries at subsidized costs were Eager Smile Africa contributes over 80% for their treatment.



Under our social economic programs, we support entrepreneurship projects started by communities. We have worked with village leaders to provide economic development through provision of piglets that they can raise to provide incomes to households.

We have provided chicks and goats to families that have been chosen on the basis of low incomes, families of single mothers, single fathers, orphans, this is a program through which families can grow their incomes and improve standards of living.

We have contributed to savings schemes through VSLAs, to improve household incomes. The organization has supported the establishment of Eager Smile vocational skilling beneficiaries Sacco through which beneficiaries of Eager smile can save and also access cheap credit as startup capital.


At Eager Smile, we are passionate about agriculture. We support women farmers with modern farming initiatives, harvesting machinery, storage facilities and developing better supply chain and value addition mechanisms. We run a community agricultural program where we believe many will be helped out of poverty.

We have gone ahead to construct with drinking safe water which has been a problem in some village areas that have been facing the problem of water by constructing boreholes to serve these communities.

Some of the members who received Female piglets that they would rear them to full production and maybe sale of the off springs. 

Sonalika Tractor a collaborative venture of Rich Eshleman and Capuchin Franciscan Friars in uganda for the benefit of community in 2008. Project completed

Some of the Families that received female goats in order to support their children education as they had options of either rearing it to full productivity or sell it when its fully grown.