what we do


  • To form an association/society whose sole purpose is to offer love, care and support to needy people.
  • To work for harmony, Justice and peace in the society through our services.
  • The society shall remain non-political in all its activities.
  • To promote the life of the society by the way of collaboration with the district projects and programs
  • To construct houses, school buildings, health centers, Churches and expansion of the society for the well being of the members and the children.
  • To purchase, take or lease or buy lawful means acquire any movable or immovable property or interest in lieu whatsoever or respect of any property and any building machinery, Equipment, engine, plants, stocks etc
  • To promote agriculture for creating jobs and self reliance among school dropout children who are above 18 years of age.
  • To enhance environment protection and awareness activities in the society
  • To develop the members and the staff for further training and studies.
  • To encourage savings among the members sponsored children and employees.
  • To provide formal and non-formal education and vocational training.
  • To solicit for and procure and / or receive funds by the way of loans , donation or grants for the purpose of carrying out the objectives.
  • To offer basic life tips to orphans through awareness services.
  • To set up a volunteer scheme in Uganda where students and professionals all over the world can be united with the common goal of improving the quality of life for orphans and less privileged.

We empower communities

In three areas Education, Health and Social economic


We link the sick poor with the local health service providers whom we also support by providing donations so as to subsidize the care given to our benefactors.


We support children who are orphans and vulnerable by providing partial or complete scholarships to them in order to enable them become feature productive Ugandans.



Since 70% of  hospital visits are due to contaminated water, we mobilized the members of the community to work on solving the dirty water usage problems and reduced hospital visits as a result. Since open water sources typically are more susceptible to being contaminated, polluted, we determined that an important part of reducing water-borne illness was protecting the springs.


We work with and through local community-based organisations, private sector partners and emerging social enterprises. We aim to be a catalyst, developing collaborative approaches to meet specific local needs through effective, integrated and sustainable solutions.