Eager Smile Africa is a Christian faith based charitable association found in Matugga Kilyagonga Village, Wakiso District in Uganda. It was founded in 2008 and registered as a CBO (charitable based organization) operating in Wakiso district in 2010.

In the year 2017 we were fully registered and established as an NGO with the ministry of internal Affairs of the Uganda government.

It is a brain child of Ms. Maggie Nansubuga From Uganda with the support of  Mr. Rich Eshleman in America and Father Max D’Silva. Catholic priest of Capuchin Order in India.
It was founded to render Holistic growth charitable services in the areas of Education, Health and Social economic empowerment (with emphasis to Savings and Environmental Sustainability)  
Since its inception we have provided financial support to families by providing school fees, scholastic materials to needy children. Furthermore we have given startup capital to enterprising people to start income generating activities e.g.  Agriculture and small business loans in women groups and youth groups.
Due to the overwhelming need for our services we thought it is prudent to ask you to partner with us as we help people who are in need of support. This is an opportunity for us to participate in the developmental works of God. Therefore we are looking for funding to expand and organize the services below in the form of three independent and self-sustaining projects.

  • Education services and support
  • Health services and support.
  • Social Economic  developments and support

Nature of the association

The association is established as a non-profit making charitable organization. The role purpose is to nature and uphold voiceless children, Youth, vulnerable women and the destitute of the society.

Eager Smile Africa was founded after seeing many children being deprived of meaningful life and also the overwhelming medical services both in the urban and rural areas, as well as the income inequality issue in the Ugandan society (the poor people are so poor). We are the Christian people who are equally touched by poverty.

Life care and illiteracy in Uganda and particularly in wakiso district, we decided to form this association to engage in charitable services in the areas of Education, Health and Social Economic empowerment (with emphasize to savings). keeping our motto as “care to love and love to care” we aim at “CARING” (Christian Action Relief for Education, Health and Savings).

The association therefore would like to render holistic service to the needy people especially children, youth and women of the country and Wakiso district in particular so that their rights and dignity are protected.

some of our facts

Numbers speak for themselves

Projects completed
Graduates Now


We empower communities especially women, Youth and the local poor in agriculture, animal husbandry, tree planting and credit services, with emphasis to environmental sustainability and savings.


  • A 2 acre demonstration farm.
  • Provision of agricultural and small business loans to groups.
  • Enhancing Youth Skilled ventures in soap making, crafts, and Animal husbandry.
  • Contribution of scholastic materials and school fees to the needy Children.
  • A collaborative venture in providing Sonalika Tractor for the benefit of the community. 


We aim to encourage families , were the vulnerable children come from, to participate in sustainable income generating projects like, Banana growing, tree planting, farming vanilla and coffee growing etc.

We plan to look for market both locally and internationally for the produces from these families.

Amy and Richard Visiting Eager Smile Africa on the 06th Feb 2020